Retro Rides Gathering 2018

It’s August. It’s Shelsley Walsh. And frankly it’s a bit of a miracle the S12 made it to Retro Rides Gathering 2018!


After a few late nights, a new ECU and lots of electrical tape we were hill climb ready. Sort of. The phantom misfire had pretty much been resolved and our old Nissan no longer bogged on boost. A quick brap up some local tarmac gave us a glimpse of what the SR20DET was capable of, making us unbelievably excited to unleash some of it’s potential at one of the most loved motoring events in our calendar.

We were thrilled to be invited back to Retro Rides Gathering and had spent the last year telling our friends, family, neighbours, the postman and frankly anyone who would listen what a fantastically fun and friendly event it was. Those who had been before agreed and those who hadn’t, agreed to meet us there!



After spending the morning trying to make ourselves useful as marshals by waving at all the traffic and catching up with some familiar faces, we made some final tweeks to the S12 and joined the queue to the hill. Although our burnout skills weren’t as mad as the hero in the crazy Ford Popular Hot-rod thing, the Silvia did make it’s rubbery mark. We had by this point picked up another small misfire off-boost meaning it drove best with the throttle wide open. Bummer.


Our first blast up the hill had us grinning all the way up and then planning the route for a faster ascent on our next run. Especially after hearing some guy had made it up in 22.58 seconds at some point. I’m pretty sure that’s an achievable time to beat in a tatty wannabe drift wagon, right? Annoyingly it didn’t look like this was going to happen today as the first run had worsened the misfire significantly and broke the Silvia’s exhaust mounts. After sacrificing a spare harness strap to stop the exhaust from falling off, we pushed the Nissan to complete another 2 runs but soon retired as it now barely idles.


Another day, another misfire.


Thanks so much again to the awesome Retro Rides Gathering Crew. Roll on RRG19.




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