Just Enough Essential Parts

Dilemma. What to get my Petrol Head Partner for his 30th birthday. Funds are limited as all money has been put into the drift machine. Hmmm.

Dilemma. Our wannabe Landrover is absolutely hanging. It’s well over half-way to the moon with 180,000 miles on the clock, it’s been abused off-road, used as a skip and we’re running out of paper to list the necessary repairs. Plus, it’s just a Freelander.

I found the answer to both these issues deep in the Shropshire countryside when I happened to drive past a sad looking 90’s Jeep Cherokee rotting in a farm hedge. Ant used to have one in his family, it was hilarious fun. It had low box, rear limited slip diff and a crap auto box that when combined with the 4 litre straight 6 petrol engine makes it hilariously terrifying to drive. However, the Hedge-Jeep was diesel which although definitely not as exciting, it does mean that I don’t have to find space on the driveway for a Shell fuel tanker as well.


After a quick check of it’s MOT history online and a brief nose around, I was knocking on the farmhouse door. The Farmer and his son were vehicle enthusiasts but had little interest in the Jeep. After hearing about some of their other project vehicles, I could understand why. Disappointingly they didn’t want to sell me a Cortina.

The Farmer was a little unsure if he wanted to part with the Jeep. He wanted to pull it out the hedge and see if it would run before coming up with a price.


I returned the following week armed with a trailer and a small amount of cash. The Farmer had managed to drag it out of the hedge but hadn’t managed to get it running. The Jeep was in a sorry state, wheels rotten, rock-sliders hanging off and some serious looking rust under the rear. Oh and the entire cast of Bugs Life had moved in. It was clear that I had not only had found the perfect 30th Birthday present, but also a replacement 4×4 to annoy the Off-Road Heroes even more than the Freelander.



Now to buy some Bruce Springsteen.




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