Pug Life (Update)

It’s been almost a year since we did any work on the old 205 so we thought we would drag it out again and try and make some progress. Other than being used as a parcel storage unit by the postman not much has changed since we got it running last year. To my surprise, after a little bit of hunting for keys and a functional battery, the little blue beasty fired into life once again. If only to remind me of the extent of the exhaust blow from the cracked manifold and that the rest of the exhaust fell off during a house move. Whoops.


Job one was to weld the manifold up and get the rest of the exhaust back on. Surprisingly all the manifold bolts came undone without snapping. I borrowed the oven and heated to whole manifold up to 200c to try and reduce warpage when welding; great plan other than the strong smell of hot metal that lingered in the house for several hours. More importantly though the manifold welded up nicely and doesn’t seem to have warped. With the exhaust all refitted I fired the pug up again, now it blows from the flex joint to the manifold, oh well half way there on the exhaust.

Job two was a little more important. Having sat for several years the cambelt and waterpump would need doing. Upon inspection the condition of these parts was pretty abysmal. All was going well until the last bolt on the water pump sheered and no matter how low or high I moved the engine on the jack there was no way to get a drill and helicoil in. After much swearing and blaming the French, the inevitable realisation that the engine would have to come out set in.


Fast forward a number of hours and the engine won a place on the floor of the garage, where it stayed for a few weeks until I plucked up the courage to take a drill the remaining bits of bolt in the block. Somehow this went smoother than expected and we now have a nice new water pump fitted. Unfortunately during engine removal I found stacks of other issues. The oil cooler pipes put more oil on the floor than through the cooler, all the coolant and oil breather hoses are rock hard and brittle, the radiator is missing most of its cooling fins and the steering lock is stuck on.


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