Daytona security Evo sports GTX Gore-Tex

(Equivalent in current products is Daytona Voltex GTX £749.99)

5 years of high mileage, heavy use come rain, shine or snow and these boots stayed water tight, comfortable and protective. I’ve used them on the daily commute, trackdays and even on the occasional Byway, off road excursion when I should have been riding to work. The purchase price from new is a little ridiculous for a pair boots, especially when some of their use has been on bikes worth less than the boots, but they are the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever worn.

The ingenious two part design consists of a protective inner boot and a slightly retro, clean looking outer boot unencumbered by the need for external protection. I am amazed these boots have lasted as long as they have, with very rarely getting a clean and nearly grinding through the sole when the toe slider wore out. They are only currently out of commission as one zip broke. I am hoping to get this repaired and reinstate them as my preferred biking boot option.

26772539_10155128122761027_1552707168_oThanks to Nick Verge for the pic

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