Things every Petrol Head can relate to…

Research shows that car people have a few things in common, and no it’s not just their dislike of the Prius.

1.  Your neighbours ask if you’re a mechanic. 

Nope. I just spend my time lying underneath my car in a puddle on my driveway because I love it.

2. Your garden looks like a scrapyard.

I’m just waiting for scrap metal value to go up again. Oh, that and trying not to look like you run a garage… because those 10 tyres all came from your own vehicles.

3. Its always complicated when you get asked how many cars you have.

Does that include donor vehicles? Spare Engines? Projects? Shared Projects?

4. Your letting agent asks if you’re running a second hand car business. Every single inspection.

Nope, I dream of days I make money instead of haemorrhaging it.

5. When the Postman knows more about the progress of your project car than your family does.

So many car parts, so little time.

6. You spend more on feeding your car than yourself.

Because no one had a great time when they got great fuel economy. Besides, filling up on premium fuel makes living off 10p noodles worth while.

7. You remember people by what cars they drive.

Sophie who? No it doesn’t ring a bell. Oh yeh, she drives a Mini Cooper One, yes I know who you mean.

8. Your calendar is full of car shows / track days / trials / rallies.

I’m not going to be able to attend your wedding i’m afraid, it’s Japfest that weekend.

9. You are more protective of your car than anything else.

No you cannot eat in my car. You better not be leaning on my car. Did that guy just drop the sponge and then carry on cleaning his car?!

10. You know that non-car people don’t understand you, but it doesn’t matter because you also know that car people do!

People like us!





GIF courtesy of Giphy.

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