Why should I buy a Subaru?

Nothing could prepare me for life as a Subaru owner.

I kind of fell into Subaru ownership. I had passengered in one once, seen a lot of pictures and heard even more stories. I frequently would get confused with the difference between bugs, blobs, Turbo 2000s and GX’s. I had heard that if you own a flat four then you knew the score. Well: I didn’t.

I’d been thinking about maybe test driving one for years, but with no heated seats, no cruise control, a plastic fantastic interior and considerable less BHP than my ride at the time I was in no rush.

Whilst absentmindedly scrolling through Ebay I stumbled across a clean, black, JDM classic. With a bigger turbo than its English cousin and it’s early 90’s styling I was convinced. Within minutes I arranged a viewing for later that day. I picked up my phone to tell Subaru Fan Boy Ant the news and saw I had a large number of messages from him. The Cat C New Age scoob he had been watching on Copart was going cheap and he was sure a super low bid would never win. He was wrong. Screenshot_20170919-151158

One trip to Yorkshire later and I had my first Subaru. Ant waited nervously for my verdict as I sat in it for the first time. I commented on it’s lack of heated seats and watched as he nearly cried when I informed him of my plans to re-spray it anything other than 02c Blue.


“And those gold wheels? They’ll look ace in anthracite grey.” 


Some time, work and of course some money later and my Scoob was ready for its first test drive. My first thoughts were about how quiet it sounded, it was almost criminal to have the unique sound of the boxer engine muffled and restrained. I also felt slightly self-conscious, as if all my neighbours were going to start asking me when the baby was due, now I was driving a sensible four-door saloon.  None of it mattered when it came on boost. Having never driven anything with a Turbo except our diesel Freelander, I was addicted. The more I drove it the more I began to get it. The Subaru is unsubtle and unsophisticated, it’s not classy and it’s not smooth yet it is easy to drive and it is just so. much. fun.


Owning a Subaru makes you feel like the cool kid in school. Car people nod and smile in appreciation while even non-car people politely make comments about how much they loved Colin McRae. But to top it all off, there is the Subaru owners wave. The international gesture that shows that they also have a flat four, and just like you, they know the score.


Next step…mods mods and more mods…but where to start?



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