Retro Rides Gathering 2017

Enticed out of bed by the prospect of wheelspins, patina and the smell of uncatylised fuel on a sunny, August, Sunday morning we headed on down to Shelsley Walsh, home of the hill climb.


We had met up with friends the evening before for the infamous “Tat Auction” ahead of the big day. If you’re after a Vauxhall Cavalier Haynes manual, a matching pair of left chrome mirrors, a bag of chilli’s or plenty of spares for a 6N Polo, then the Tat auction is where to start, with tears of laughter and money all raised for a good cause you can’t go wrong, well, not unless you win the bid for the second-hand JDM dildo gear knob.

Still in mourning that our own retro ride was in pieces we jumped in the next best thing (apparently), the 6N Polo and cruised on down to the sleepy Worcestershire village of Shelsley Walsh. A village that is well used to the rumbling of race cars and even by 0730h, this Sunday morning it was no different. After squeezing our shopping trolley race car into a prime spot in the pit pens we were handed our Retro Rides Crew t-shirts and dispatched off to direct traffic at the main gate.


Directing traffic may not sound like the most thrilling of tasks but by the morning’s end we were grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday morning than standing in the sunshine waving at Datsuns, tutting at Vauxhall VXR’s and cringing as a MK2 Escort with a 400bhp Cosworth engine comes painfully knocking past.



After our morning of awesome car spotting and refueled on ice cream we headed off for a wander round the club stands followed by a stop at the hill climb start line to catch our fill of burning rubber and engine noise . To finish our day we took a stroll up the hill just in time to see Ford’s Group B effort, a RS200, flip a bonnet on its ways up. Sadly we didn’t get a snap of that one…




All in all, retro cars and their people are awesome. Roll on Retro Rides Gathering 2018.


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