Getting me from A to Z

Like most petrol heads, there will always be a place in my heart for my first car. A 2001 1.25 Fiesta Freestyle. Surprisingly slow, uncomfortably wollowy and impressively bad on fuel, I thought I would always keep that little green car. In a way I did, I sold it to my Dad, who takes great pleasure in telling people about the car he bought twice. Not to stray to far from my Fiesta loyalties, my next purchase was a hilariously fun 2005 Fiesta ST. With more than double the horsepower of my previous Fiesta, my daily drive became a lot more fun, much more exciting and a hell of a lot louder. After straightening out and adding some miles to the clock it was time to say goodbye to the ST and hello to something completely different. Because of course the next logical step in this Fiesta girl’s journey would be to buy a Nissan 350z.

I had always had a healthy appreciation for a 350z. Rear wheel drive with a 3.5l V6 in a sexy looking two seater coupe. Typically Japanese but with less of the plastic-fantastic feel of a mid 00’s Subaru. Normally in an unexciting shade of silver, so I thought anyway. After test driving a super clean, sunset orange, full GT pack 350z, I was sold. I had to get me one of these.

So, I purchased a pretty doggy, previous insurance write-off, drifter spec Z, in silver. Now before you facepalm, once I had peeled the JDM LYF stickers off and removed the poor quality hosiery from the headlights I had myself a solid 80,000 Nissan 350z GT which had only set me back £3000… Now, time to get the tools out…


2 Replies to “Getting me from A to Z”

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